Stage 3 Lockdown Play

Dear Members,

Under the Stage 3 Lockdown conditions brought into effect on July 9th we are allowed to play under strict conditions.

  • ENTRANCE REGISTRATION: EVERYONE who enters the Club precinct needs to check-in, and follow social distancing & sanitization procedures as outlined on notices posted at the Club
  • The ONLY play allowed is Social singles play for 2 people from different households or doubles play for members all from the same household
  • There MUST NOT be more than 10 patrons on our 5 courts
  • Club coaches from Extreme Tennis can coach 2 people at a time. Contact Stuart Sutterby on 0412 106 416 to book a session.


Owing to the restricted use of courts and clubhouse and the cancellation of all competitive tennis, as per the government’s instructions owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, your Committee has resolved to give a discount of approximately one third off the 2020-21 membership fees which are due by July 31st.  Contact our Membership Vice-President, Jody Wallis, or call 0412 270 420 for more details

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